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Here you will find special events produced by Jessica Holter and The HIP Team, art and wearable art for fashion and fundraising, downloadable media, and links to special community services and ongoing documentary films, and wellness initiatives curated by our nonprofit organization, Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated.

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Coffy Box Office Events by Jessica Holter

Coffy Box Events by Jessica Holter
Author, Poet, Producer, and Visual Artist, Jessica Holter presents Coffy Box events and edutainment for the advancement of love, literature, and community health. Be a witness to her story in the making as her book pages unfold on stages creating visceral experiences and lasting changes.

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Jessica Holter's Foster Care Story ~ Saturday Mournings

Voices of Foster Care

Voices of Foster Care: Our five-year plan will not only help emancipated foster kids to achieve sustainability through health, wellness, and core curricula, it will also produce three documentaries, soundtracks, literary works, and visual art. VOFC also offers professional level live event production training and work experience to recent college graduates and Georgia students.

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Hampton Soul Festival Workshop ~ Meet the Student Teachers

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