Military Boots & Gadgets (Poetry by Jessica Holter)

Military Boots & Gadgets (Poetry by Jessica Holter)

Military Boots and Gadgets

Uniformed people might not tell you this

about military boots and combat suits,

but there is something about putting them on

that makes you feel very powerful

With id, ego, super-ego

all dressed up and armed,

from the moment they 

put military boots on

from the first time they





disassemble and reassemble 

again, an M16, 

they become something less like a man

something more akin 

to machine

Cops too

have military boots and gadgets

they want so badly to practice 

Make the slightest move

so they can use the newest thing

If your hoodie offends them

your very lungs 

the air within them

Your life itself

is at their discretion 

and disposal


by Jessica Holter

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