Happy Valentine's Day East Chicago, Indiana

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Between Adults

Things to bring: Breath mints, your own blindfold, a positive attitude and your open mind. 

Feb 14th & Feb 16th, 2024

Between Adults: A Special Edition of The Coffy Box Rom~Com with Special Guests Goddess Warrior Poet, Comedian D-Man, Singer Avalon, and Anna as Punany's Pearl.

Arrive early when the doors open at 8:00 pm to begin your improvisational participation in the pre-show Q & A and you will discover, right away, you are in a room of people who share some of your thoughts and dreams of what love should be. The Show begins promptly at 9:00 pm with music and comedy, then moves seamlessly into interactive theatrics and poetry.

From our Blind-Folded Lovers ID Game to the finale of Love Confessions, this night is designed to make your heart happy and add longevity to your romance. Participation is optional and rewarded with cool keepsakes. You do not have to participate. You can just sit back and watch the antics, sip on your favorite cocktail, and eat finger foods while the cast takes you on a sensual ride. We are very proud to introduce musical guest, Avalon, a gifted songwriter. 

Whether it is your 1st date or your 50th, Between Adults is the Valentine's Day event that will prepare you for a romantic encore of your own. Perhaps you a just friends, but would like to be more. This show is the perfect date night for you too, because Jessica Holter is so happy to return home with a show that just might help you get out of the friend zone.

Stay late for a post-show conversation with Jessica Holter (Ghetto Girl Blue), who shares new material from her new book Truth is a Trap House, a poetic tell-all that will make you question reality.

This event is open to singles, groups, men, and women.

Adult Language - Adult Themes - 21 + Adults Only.

We are filming. Dress Cute.