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Book: Truth is a Trap House (Signed & Inscribed by Jessica Holter)

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Truth is a Trap House is available at Amazon for only $19.

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Order Truth is a Trap House here at the HIP Coffy Pop Shop to support our nonprofit with a $30 donation and have your book signed and inscribed by Jessica Holter. Email to discuss your inscription.

About this Book:

Truth is a Trap House is Jessica Holter’s latest poetry book, sure to captivate readers with bold and provocative themes. The founder of The Punany Poets, Jessica Holter, offers a collection of sexy gems that can be shared among lovers and friends alike. This full-bodied collection took 29 years to create and features some tell-all and tall tales that will spark hot coffee table conversations. Holter’s poetic take on modern conspiracies, logical fallacies, labels, misnomers, Hollywood drama, lost legacies, and wild TikTok theories repurposed for the printed page will keep you enthralled. Before you crack open Truth is a Trap House, remember that you do not have to agree with anything to be entertained by everything.

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Pages: 330

ISBN: 9798884703056