Ebonically Speaking (Poem by Jessica Holter)

Ebonically Speaking (Poem by Jessica Holter)

Jessica Holter in Sanford Meisner Theater

Ebonically Speaking

(Page 191 Verbal Penetration)

Audio Recording

I got a hoochie secret 

somethin’ for you to see

Cause there ain’t one thing on this earth

that feel like ghetto booty

Now I’ma flip some script to you

so you could give love to me

Sex is the ultimate conjugation 

of the verb “TO BE”

It don’t be just a thing we do

The way I be kissin’, lickin’

and suckin’ all on you

That just be an example 

a display if you willin’

Can you dig it?

No pun intended

You get how I be feelin’?

I’m already knowin’ cause I be seein’

the glistening snail trail 

you be leavin’

And you love me so

you never fail

to drape your manhood

good and well 

wit a latex condom

nice and tight

so I can give it to you right

I don’t be havin’ no worry

at all, when we lay safe 

I am open and free

to give you this place

for your sufferin’ to bury

Now I be lovin it when we fuckin’

Fuckin’ is a good thing 

And don’t you lie

it be making you cry

to hear my pussy sing

Brother you be conductin’ 

the way you be fuckin’

Arrangin’ shit

Lickin’ it, Slappin’ it, Flippin’ it, 

you know how you act

like you live in it? 

You can do what you want 

when our Jones is on

if you knowing that this ain’t gratis

The kitty be croonin’

while the music notes are tunin’

but my mind be counting C’s

You’s a black man with status

a brother with gees

willin’ to pay pay for this fine 

Gluteus Maximus


my ass cheeks be talking

when I ride your body’s course

Like a stallion, poundin’

the Earth with great force

Moans, sighs, thrusts of release

I empty on that jimmy hat

all my soul vexing grief

When it be gettin’ good to you

I can feel you growin’ fat

Your pulse be makin’

my pussy twitch

and my legs be hella shakin’

And you be talkin’ dirty

and your eyes be a wallin’ 

saying “Oooh baby you my bitch!”

and I don’t be trippin’

hell, I love it when we ballin’

‘cause ballin’ is all that

Just don’t you be slippin’

Tryin’ to run in the cat with no hat

You best be respectin’

this body I’m protectin’

I ain’t your personal love tool

I might be your “bitch”

if the cash is forthcomin’

but baby, without a rubber?

I ain’t no fool!


by Jessica Holter