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Book: Secret of the Pearl

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Created for the sensual and sensible mind, Secret of the Pearl is a poetic picture book featuring erotica and life lessons for lesbians, women who love women, and women who love themselves. This joyride includes stops at Love’s House, where the incomparable lesbian laureate LOVE the poet will open you like a flower. Singer and songwriter Karis Lovechild joins the party with Novacane of Smokin’ Words notoriety and Dontrella Lez Elegance (Lez Elegance Magazine), who make their Punany Psalms debuts as guest writers and models. Traveling poet Immani Love stops by with Chicago storyteller Niki Gee with short tales while the agenda benda Daddi Cole conditions her leather. Holter leaves room for her usual suspects, Jane Therese, J Steal, and Credence Malone, and introduces provocative newcomer Scarlet Falls, who celebrates birthdays in bathroom stalls. But leave it to Ghetto Girl Blue to come through, breaking up the fantasies with her raw Oakland truth, taking you back down memory lane with the invention of the crack era and its impact on women, challenging the Touch-Me-Not, and reminding us that “We are not men. We are the world’s conscience.” Not one to mince her words, the alter ego of the First Lady of Black Erotica has a message for women who say they love women yet abuse them. “Rejecting sisterhood and the sacred feminine can be lethal for all humanity,” she warns. Secret of the Pearl is a well-balanced lyrical solution completed by photography, graphic art, and historical images captured during performances from the live stage production of Secret of the Pearl. This sassy sister to Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms series climaxes with provocation to set conversations on fire around your coffee table.

Packed with surprises, Holter does not miss a chance to tackle difficult topics while serving them with the pleasing caress The Punany Poets and the legendary Ghetto Girl Blue are known for. Originally published in 2016, this edition was recreated in 2024 to include modern topics, AI art, and timely conversations about lesbian labels and roles, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Jessica Holter, Founder of The Punany Poets, pens this sensual anthology with contributions from talented writers, photographers, models, and AI assistants with graphic imaginations. Like her sister books, Secret of the Pearl is a seductress, pulling you in with the power of eros to get down to the nitty-gritty truth, taking sly glances at issues that impact the worldwide community of women.